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Object-oriented Design Integrating Ubiquitous Specifications

Organisation: Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou (ALGERIA)

Method: UML

Tools used: BIZAGI Modeler
CADP (Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes)

Domain: Object-oriented Design.

Period: 2022

Size: n/a

Description: Extended object oriented development systems offer promising and advantageous perspectives to build ubiquitous systems. To ensure the usability and ubiquity of applications, it is necessary to meet the requirements of users. An ubiquitous model cannot be complete without adopting a development methodology to organise the engineer's work into a process that can facilitate the design of ubiquitous applications. To address this challenge, a new approach is devised for the conceptualisation, analysis, and design of object-oriented systems that follows the traditional steps by proposing a new process called Ubiquitous System Object (Ubi-SO).

The approach is based on a UML ubiquitous profile for design and analysis, consisting of a package of specific profiles extending the standard notations of two UML diagrams chosen according to different views of a system (sequence diagram and class diagram). For each diagram are proposed UML extension mechanisms (e.g., stereotypes, constraints, tagged values) that can model any contextual situation. The analysis is performed by translating each activity of the sequence diagram to LOTOS, specifying the properties related to the composition scenario in temporal logic, and verifying them on the resulting LOTOS specification using the EVALUATOR tool of CADP. The overall approach is illustrated on a healthcare application.

Conclusions: The Ubi-SO approach facilitates the engineering of ubiquitous applications by integrating ubiquitous aspects, namely context-awareness. Thus, Ubi-SO provides useful guidelines for modelling processes by pulling and separating the ubiquitous aspects. Finally, the connection to CADP enables to formally verify the correctness requirements of ubiquitous applications.

Publications: [Aimene-Rassoul-22] Sonia Aimene and Idir Rassoul. Integration of Ubiquitous Specifications in the Conception of Objects System. International Journal on Computer Applications in Technology 68(1):70-81, 2022.
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Idir Rassoul
LARI Laboratory of Computer Science
Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou
Tizi-Ouzou 15000

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