Miscellaneous CADP Resources

1. The VLPN (Very Large Petri Nets) Benchmark Suite

The VLPN benchmark suite is a collection of Nested-Unit Petri Nets (NUPNs) to be tackled by model checking tools.

2. The VLTS (Very Large Transition Systems) Benchmark Suite

The VLTS benchmark suite is a collection of Labelled Transition Systems. It is designed to be a reference criterion for scientific assessment of algorithms and tools operating on large graphs.

The VLTS benchmark suite was a joint project of CWI/SEN2 and INRIA/VASY.

3. Libraries of Specification Patterns in Temporal Logics

Temporal logics and mu-calculus is not always easy, especially for novice users. This can be solved, at least partially, by the use of predefined libraries. Two such libraries are provided below:

These two libraries have been developed by Radu Mateescu (INRIA/VASY).

4. Enhanced Version of the Memtime Utility

Memtime is a command-line tool for measuring the CPU and memory consumption of a program. The INRIA/VASY and INRIA/CONVECS teams provide enhanced versions of Memtime that are used daily for the development of the CADP toolbox: Related sites:
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