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Message Authentication Algorithm (MAA, ISO Standard 8731)

Organisation: National Physical Lab (NPL) UK

Method: LOTOS

Tools used: CADP (Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes)

Domain: Cryptography.

Period: 1991-1993

Size: 1110 lines of LOTOS.

Description: The Message Authentication Algorithm (MAA, ISO Standard 8731) is a cryptographic algorithm intended to secure banking transactions. Given a file and a key (a character string), the MAA algorithm computes a digital signature, using one-way hashing functions. The signature is called Message Authentication Code (MAC).
A formal description in LOTOS of the MAA algorithm was written by Harold B. Munster at the National Physical Laboratory (UK). This description uses only the abstract data types of LOTOS.
Then this description was slighty adapted by Hubert Garavel and Philippe Turlier so that the CAESAR.ADT compiler could be efficiently used, to translate the Abstract Data Types to a C program.

Conclusions: This case study is an application of Abstract Data Types to the formal description of a cryptographic algorithm.
Using the CAESAR.ADT compiler, we showed that specification can be (with small adaptations) compiled into executable code. The C code we obtained allowed us to compute the MAC signature for large Unix files (up to 30,000 bytes).

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