Known Problems and Patches for CADP 97b "Liège"
NOTE: THIS PAGE IS NOW OBSOLETE. All the problems listed below are already solved in CADP 2001 "Ottawa". We therefore recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version.

Known problems with CADP 97b "Liege"

PROBLEM 97b-1: [Solaris 7 only]


PROBLEM 97b-2: [Solaris 7 only]


All the beta-versions of CADP 99 issued between July 1999 and the beginning of March 2000 have a problem with garbage collection.

Due to a mistake in setting compiler options, the garbage collector was not interfaced properly with the other tools: even if the "-gc" option was given to CAESAR and "", garbage collection would not occur. This error was silent: the tools functioned normally, except that garbage collector was never activated, potentially leading to excessive memory consumption.

This problem was discovered when porting the garbage collection library to Windows. Correct versions of the library have been put in the CADP distribution. For various reasons, it was also necessary to change the interface conventions used by CAESAR and CAESAR.ADT to activate garbage collection. This required to modify the C code generated by CAESAR.ADT.

If you are using a version of CADP between beta-version 99-a to 99-f included, it is strongly advised to upgrade to 99-g (or higher).

If you have ``.h'' files generated by a previous version of CADP, it is recommended to remove them and generate them again. You can recognize ``.h'' files generated by the new version CAESAR.ADT as they check a macro-definition named CAESAR_ADT_GARBAGE_COLLECTION and invoke function GC_malloc(). Obsolete ``.h'' files do not contain these two identifiers.

PROBLEM 97b-3: [Linux only]

DESCRIPTION: SOLUTION: On RedHat 6.1, this solution seems to solve the above problems A, B and C.

Special thanks to Patrick Auge, Patrick Peck, Judi Romijn, Solofo Ramangalahy, Hubert Rappold, Brian Ross, and Severine Simon for their bugs reports and proposed solutions.
[Hubert Garavel]

PROBLEM 97b-4: [all architectures]

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