The OPEN/CAESAR Reference Manual

Hubert Garavel

Technical Report. First version issued in May 1992, followed by successive revisions reflecting the progressive enhancements of the OPEN/CAESAR environment.


This report describes the OPEN/CAESAR environment for developing specifications in LOTOS. The OPEN/CAESAR environment is built on the CAESAR tool. Although CAESAR is mainly intended for compilation and exhaustive verification of LOTOS specifications, the OPEN/CAESAR provides for interactive simulation, random simulation, partial verification, on-the-fly verification, sequential code generation, test generation, etc. In a first part, the principles and the architecture of the OPEN/CAESAR environment are explained. In a second part, the interfaces of OPEN/CAESAR modules and libraries and presented.

About 200 pages (in the manual version dated March 23, 2015).

This report is available as part of the CADP distribution. It exists in several formats:

The corresponding manual pages are available separately, also in several formats:

The corresponding Application Programming Interfaces can be found in files $CADP/incl/caesar_*.h.

Several useful programs based on OPEN/CAESAR are available (in source code form) in directory $CADP/src/open_caesar.

Finally, there is an overview publication on OPEN/CAESAR online.