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traian - compilation of LNT specifications


traian [-analysis] [-c] [-depend] [-lotos] [-noindent] [-silent] [-verbose] [-version] filename[.lnt]


traian is a compiler for LNT. Taking as input filename.lnt, which is an LNT program, traian translates it to C programs and/or a finite state automaton. This allows to execute, simulate, and/or verify LNT programs. For the moment, only the syntactic and semantic analyses and the translation in C of the data part (LNT types and functions) is available.


Perform lexical, syntactic, and semantic checks and stop before undertaking code generation. Not a default option.

Instruct traian to generate C code. Opposite of -lotos. Default option.

Display the list of dependencies of filename.lnt and stop. Not a default option.

Instruct traian to generate LOTOS code (not yet implemented). Opposite of -c. Not a default option.

Do not format the generated C file filename.c using indent(1). This can be useful when indent(1) does not exist on the host machine, or when it crashes with core dumps. Not a default option.

Execute silenty. Opposite of -verbose. Not a default option.

Animate the user's screen, telling what is going on. Opposite of -silent. Default option.

Display the current version number of the software and stop. Not a default option.


If the specification is correct, traian produces a file filename.c that contains the C code generated for the specification.


When the source is erroneous, error messages are issued. The errors are listed in the filename.err file.

Exit Status

Exit status is 0 if everything is alright, 1 otherwise.


LNT specification (input)

external C implementation for types (input)

external C implementation for functions (input)

generated C code (output)

detailed error messages (output)


declaration of predefined types and functions

C implementation of predefined types and functions

binary library for exceptions

See Also


For the concrete syntax supported by traian refer to the "Compiler documentation" (file in the `doc' directory of the distribution.

Additional information is available from the TRAIAN Web page located at

Directives for installation are given in file $LNTDIR/INSTALLATION.txt

Features of the current release of this software are reported in file $LNTDIR/=README.txt

Recent changes and improvements to this software are reported and commented in file $LNTDIR/HISTORY.txt

The known problems of the current release are reported in file $LNTDIR/KNOWN_PROBLEMS.txt


Please, send bug reports and remarks to


Versions 2.* of TRAIAN have been written by Mihaela Sighireanu, Xavier Bouchoux, David Champelovier, Claude Chaudet, Nicolas Descoubes, Hubert Garavel, Yves Guerte, Marc Herbert, Remi Herilier, Alain Kaufmann, Frederic Lang, Vincent Powazny, Wendelin Serwe, and Bruno Vivien.

Versions 3.* of TRAIAN have been written by Hubert Garavel, Frederic Lang, and Wendelin Serwe.

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