Reference Manual of the LNT to LOTOS Translator
(Formerly: Reference Manual of the LOTOS NT to LOTOS Translator)

David Champelovier, Xavier Clerc, Hubert Garavel, Yves Guerte, Frédéric Lang, Christine McKinty, Vincent Powazny, Wendelin Serwe, and Gideon Smeding

Technical Report. First version issued in August 2005, followed by successive revisions reflecting the progressive enhancements of the LNT language and tools. Refer to the cover page of the PDF document for details about the latest version.


This report defines the LNT language, which is a simplified variant of E-LOTOS (International Standard ISO-15437:2001). In a nutshell, LNT provides the same expressiveness as LOTOS, but has more user-friendly and regular notations borrowed from imperative and functional programming languages. In particular, unlike LOTOS, the data type and process parts of LNT share many similar constructs, leading to a more uniform and easy-to-learn language than LOTOS. This report defines the syntax, static semantics, and dynamic semantics of LNT, and presents its associated tools: the LPP preprocessor, the LNT2LOTOS translator, and the LNT.OPEN script that interfaces with the OPEN/CAESAR framework so as to enable LNT specifications to be analyzed using the CADP toolbox.

Around 155 pages.