TGV: Theory, Principles and Algorithms
A Tool for the Automatic Synthesis of Conformance Test Cases for Non-Deterministic Reactive Systems

Claude Jard and Thierry Jéron

Springer International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT) 7(4):297-315, August 2005


This paper presents the TGV tool, which allows for the automatic synthesis of conformance test cases from a formal specification of a (non-deterministic) reactive system. TGV was developed by Irisa Rennes and Verimag Grenoble, with the support of the Vasy team of Inria Rhône-Alpes. The paper describes the main elements of the underlying testing theory, which is based on a model of transitions system which distinguishes inputs, outputs and internal actions, and is based on the concept of conformance relation. The principles of the test synthesis process, as well as the main algorithms, are explained. We then describe the main characteristics of the TGV tool and refer to some industrial experiments that have been conducted to validate the approach. As a conclusion, we describe some ongoing work on test synthesis.

19 pages