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installator - CADP installation assistant


installator [-beta]


This program installs CADP on one machine or on several machines connected by a Local Area Network. It can also be used to upgrade an existing version of CADP already installed. Installator takes in charge the following tasks:

Although a manual installation of CADP also exists, the use of installator is strongly recommended, as it ensures that the installation will be done correctly and automatically.

A few snapshots of Installator


download a beta-version of CADP (instead of a plain, stable version). Do not use this option unless you have been specifically advised to do so by the CADP development team.

Exit Status

Exit status is 0 if everything is alright, 1 otherwise.


Hubert Garavel, Aldo Mazzilli, Patrick Wendel (INRIA Rhone-Alpes)


installator is a shell script located in $CADP/com/installator that launches a Tcl/Tk script to be executed by the wish interpreter. The source files of installator are available in directory $CADP/src/installator

See Also


Additional information is available from the CADP Web page located at

Directives for installation are given in files $CADP/INSTALLATION_*.

Recent changes and improvements to this software are reported and commented in file $CADP/HISTORY.


Please report new bugs to

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