Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes
Software Tools for Designing Reliable Protocols and Systems
2024-07-13 Released CADP version 2024-g "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-07-11 [demo] new demo_10: Mutual exclusion protocols for shared memory
2024-07-09 Added new manual page: TRAIAN
2024-07-08 [demo] new demo_15: Erlangen mainframe multiprocessor system
2024-07-05 [pres.] slides of W. Serwe's award lecture at ETAPS 2023
2024-07-04 [publ.] Testing Resource Isolation for System-on-Chip Architectures
2024-06-30 New version 3.14 of the TRAIAN compiler
2024-06-13 Released CADP version 2024-f "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-05-13 Released CADP version 2024-e "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-04-18 [appl.] Identifying Timing Interferences on Multicore Processors
2024-04-16 [publ.] Four Formal Models of IEEE 1394 Link Layer
2024-04-13 Released CADP version 2024-d "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-03-30 New version 3.13 of the TRAIAN compiler
2024-03-19 [soft.] UML Model Checker
2024-03-13 Released CADP version 2024-c "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-03-05 [publ.] Verification of Priority Systems Using Sharp Bisimulation
2024-03-01 [publ.] Equivalence Checking 40 Years After: A Review of Bisimulation Tools
2024-02-21 [appl.] Verification of Circuits for Systolic Array Parallel Computation
2024-02-21 [appl.] Verification of UML Statecharts using Process Algebra
2024-02-21 [appl.] Vulnerability Identification of Operational Technology Protocols
2024-02-13 Released CADP version 2024-b "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-02-12 [soft.] Probabilistic Analysis of Industrial IoT Applications
2024-02-12 [soft.] Probabilistic Model Checking of BPMN Processes at Runtime
2024-02-09 [appl.] Formal Modelling and Analysis of the 4SECURail Case Study
2024-02-09 [appl.] Object-oriented Design Integrating Ubiquitous Specifications
2024-02-09 [appl.] Generation of Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles
2024-02-04 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 17
2024-01-13 Released CADP version 2024-a "Eindhoven" (change list)
2024-01-09 [demo] translated demo_23 (IEEE 1394 "FireWare") to LNT
2023-12-29 New version 3.12 of the TRAIAN compiler
2023-12-13 Released CADP version 2023-l "Aachen" (change list)
2023-11-13 Released CADP version 2023-k "Aachen" (change list)
2023-11-08 [demo] translated demo_25 (Cluster File System) to LNT
2023-10-31 [demo] translated demo_24 (Distributed knowledge base) to LNT
2023-10-13 Released CADP version 2023-j "Aachen" (change list)
2023-10-11 Updated list of university courses that use CADP
2023-09-29 New version 3.11 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2023-09-13 Released CADP version 2023-i "Aachen" (change list)
2023-08-26 Released CADP version 2023-h "Aachen" (change list)
2023-07-26 Released CADP version 2023-g "Aachen" (change list)
2023-07-24 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 16
2023-06-30 New version 3.10 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2023-06-13 Released CADP version 2023-f "Aachen" (change list)
2023-05-13 Released CADP version 2023-e "Aachen" (change list)
2023-04-26 CADP receives the first ETAPS Test-of-Time Tool Award
2023-04-13 Released CADP version 2023-d "Aachen" (change list)
2023-03-13 Released CADP version 2023-c "Aachen" (change list)
2023-02-28 New version 3.9 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2023-02-13 Released CADP version 2023-b "Aachen" (change list)
2023-01-27 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 15
2023-01-13 Released CADP version 2023-a "Aachen" (change list)
2022-12-29 [demo] translated demo_33 (Randomized distributed consensus) to LNT
2022-12-13 Released CADP version 2022-l "Kista" (change list)
2022-12-05 [publ.] Compositional Verification by Combining Bisimulations
2022-12-05 [publ.] Verifying Temporal Properties of Stigmergic Collective Systems
2022-12-05 [publ.] Combining SLiVER with CADP to Analyze Multi-agent Systems
2022-11-30 [publ.] Identification of Timing Interferences on Multicore Processors
2022-11-13 Released CADP version 2022-k "Kista" (change list)
2022-11-07 [demo] translated demo_27 (HAVi leader election) to LNT
2022-10-29 New version 3.8 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2022-10-13 Released CADP version 2022-j "Kista" (change list)
2022-09-13 Released CADP version 2022-i "Kista" (change list)
2022-08-26 Released CADP version 2022-h "Kista" (change list)
2022-08-22 [demo] translated demo_26 (invoicing case study) to LNT
2022-07-13 Released CADP version 2022-g "Kista" (change list)
2022-06-30 New version 3.7 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2022-06-13 Released CADP version 2022-f "Kista" (change list)
2022-05-26 Released CADP version 2022-e "Kista" (change list)
2022-05-02 [demo] translated demo_04 (systolic arrays) to LNT
2022-04-14 [pres.] slides of H. Evrard's invited talk at MARS 2022
2022-04-14 [pres.] slides of Wendelin Serwe's talk at MARS 2022
2022-04-13 Released CADP version 2022-d "Kista" (change list)
2022-04-13 Added new CADP tool: LNT_MERGE
2022-04-01 [appl.] Radiomic Features for Prostate Cancer Grade Detection
2022-04-01 [appl.] Specifying and Testing GPU Workgroup Progress Models
2022-04-01 [soft.] Enhanced Computation of Dead and Concurrent Places
2022-03-25 [soft.] Quantifying the Similarity of Non-bisimilar LTSs
2022-03-25 [soft.] Explaining Safety Violations in Real-Time Systems
2022-03-25 [soft.] Debugging/Verification Tools for Lingua Franca in Gemoc Studio
2022-03-13 Released CADP version 2022-c "Kista" (change list)
2022-03-03 [publ.] Is CADP an Applicable Formal Method?
2022-02-28 New version 3.6 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2022-02-13 Released CADP version 2022-b "Kista" (change list)
2022-02-11 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 14
2022-02-08 [soft.] Verification of Formal Requirements for ISO-26262
2022-01-13 Released CADP version 2022-a "Kista" (change list)
2021-12-20 [demo] translated demo_08+demo_20 (REL/rel atomic multicast) to LNT
2021-12-15 [publ.] The VLSAT-3 Benchmark Suite
2021-12-13 Released CADP version 2021-l "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-12-03 [demo] translated demo_39 (Turntable system) to LNT
2021-12-02 [demo] translated demo_37 (Open Distributed Processing trader) to LNT
2021-12-01 [demo] translated demo_34 (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) to LNT
2021-11-30 [demo] translated demo_09 (INRES service and protocol) to LNT
2021-11-29 [demo] translated demo_07 (car overtaking protocol) to LNT
2021-11-13 Released CADP version 2021-k "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-10-29 New version 3.5 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2021-10-26 Released CADP version 2021-j "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-10-19 [publ.] The VLSAT-2 Benchmark Suite
2021-09-20 [appl.] Modeling and Validation of ReDy Architecture for IoT Applications
2021-09-20 [appl.] Detection of Android Malware using Model Checking and ML
2021-09-13 Released CADP version 2021-i "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2020-09-02 Published the VLSAT-3 benchmark suite
2020-09-02 Published the VLSAT-2 benchmark suite
2021-08-26 Released CADP version 2021-h "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-08-23 [pres.] slides of F. Lang et al. at FM 2019
2021-07-26 Released CADP version 2021-g "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-07-13 [publ.] Efficient Algorithms for Three Reachability Problems...
2021-07-12 [pres.] slides of P. Bouvier et al. at PETRI NETS 2021
2021-06-29 New version 3.4 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2021-06-13 Released CADP version 2021-f "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-05-13 Released CADP version 2021-e "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-04-13 Released CADP version 2021-d "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-03-13 Released CADP version 2021-c "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-02-28 New version 3.3 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2021-02-22 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 13
2021-02-13 Released CADP version 2021-b "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-01-13 Released CADP version 2021-a "Saarbruecken" (change list)
2021-01-11 [pres.] slides of F. Lang et al. for the RERS'2020 parallel challenge
2021-01-11 [pres.] slides of F. Lang et al. for the RERS'2019 parallel challenge
2020-12-13 Released CADP version 2020-l "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-12-01 [soft.] SLiVER Tool for Modeling and Analyzing Multi-agent Systems
2020-11-23 Published the VLSAT-1 benchmark suite
2020-11-13 Released CADP version 2020-k "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-10-29 New version 3.2 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2020-10-13 Released CADP version 2020-j "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-09-26 Released CADP version 2020-i "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-08-26 Released CADP version 2020-h "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-07-27 [publ.] Automatic Decomposition of Petri Nets into Automata Networks
2020-07-26 Released CADP version 2020-g "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-06-29 New version 3.1 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2020-06-13 Released CADP version 2020-f "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-06-05 [soft.] MOZART Tool for Designing and Deploying IoT Applications
2020-05-25 [appl.] Asynchronous Circuit for Protection Against Physical Attacks
2020-05-13 Released CADP version 2020-e "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-05-12 [publ.] Asynchronous Circuit for Protection Against Physical Attacks
2020-05-12 [publ.] Sharp Congruences Adequate with Temporal Logics [...]
2020-05-12 [publ.] Compositional Verification [...] by Combining Bisimulations
2020-04-17 [soft.] IoT Composer Tool for Building and Designing IoT Applications
2020-04-17 [appl.] Selection of Model Checking Strategies using Machine Learning
2020-04-17 [appl.] Designing Safe Synchronous Reactive Systems
2020-04-17 [appl.] Verifying Complex Software Control Systems from Test Objectives
2020-04-17 [appl.] Finding Conservative Schema Evolutions by Analysing API Changes
2020-04-17 [appl.] Model Checking Based Approach for Compliance Checking
2020-04-13 Released CADP version 2020-d "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-03-13 Released CADP version 2020-c "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-03-10 [appl.] Collision Risk Estimation for Autonomous Driving
2020-03-10 [appl.] Autonomic Resilience of IoT Applications in the Fog
2020-02-29 New version 3.0 of the TRAIAN compiler used to build many CADP tools
2020-02-13 Released CADP version 2020-b "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-01-13 Released CADP version 2020-a "Aalborg" (change list)
2020-01-09 World map of CADP users in 2019
2019-12-13 Released CADP version 2019-l "Pisa" (change list)
2019-12-05 [publ.] Reflections on B. Steffen's Physics of Software Tools
2019-11-13 Released CADP version 2019-k "Pisa" (change list)
2019-10-13 Released CADP version 2019-j "Pisa" (change list)
2019-09-16 [pres.] slides of R. Mateescu at SPIN 2016
2019-09-13 Released CADP version 2019-i "Pisa" (change list)
2019-08-26 Released CADP version 2019-h "Pisa" (change list)
2019-08-22 [soft.] LFD-MPI Tool for Formal Development of MPI Applications
2019-07-13 Released CADP version 2019-g "Pisa" (change list)
2019-07-08 [pres.] slides of F. Lang: Compositional Verification in Action
2019-06-13 Released CADP version 2019-f "Pisa" (change list)
2019-05-19 [publ.] The Rewrite Engines Competitions: A RECtrospective
2019-05-13 Released CADP version 2019-e "Pisa" (change list)
2019-05-02 [appl.] Formal Modeling and Analysis of the TLS Handshake Model
2019-05-02 [appl.] Model-Based Diagnosis using LNT
2019-05-02 [publ.] Using LNT Formal Descriptions for Model-Based Diagnosis
2019-04-24 [soft.] The RichTest Tool for Message-Passing Concurrent Programs
2019-04-24 [soft.] Meta-Modeling Tool [εm] for Analysis of Process Models
2019-04-18 [publ.] On-the-Fly Model Checking for Action-Based Probabilistic Operators
2019-04-13 Released CADP version 2019-d "Pisa" (change list)
2019-04-10 Added new EVALUATOR 5 manual page
2019-04-10 Added new MCL version 5 manual page
2019-04-10 F. Lang and F. Mazzanti Have Won the RERS 2019 Parallel Challenges
2019-04-03 [soft.] The RichTest Tool for Message-Passing Concurrent Programs
2019-04-03 [soft.] Debugging of Concurrent Systems using Counterexample Analysis
2019-04-03 [soft.] Formal Analysis of Distributed Reactive Applications
2019-04-02 [soft.] The aZiZa Tool for Heterogeneous Behavioural Models
2019-04-02 [soft.] The Papyrus-RT Tool for Model-driven Engineering with UML-RT
2019-04-02 [soft.] Adaptive Service Composition based on Runtime Verification
2019-04-02 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel: Managing Large Collections of Benchmarks
2019-04-01 [publ.] Nested-Unit Petri Nets
2019-03-17 In March 2019, the 15,000-th license of CADP was granted
2019-03-15 [soft.] Analysis of Security Guidelines for Program Certification
2019-03-15 [soft.] FTRES (Fault Tree Rare Event Simulator)
2019-03-13 Released CADP version 2019-c "Pisa" (change list)
2019-02-15 [appl.] Analysis of Compositional State Space Generation
2019-02-13 Released CADP version 2019-b "Pisa" (change list)
2019-02-12 [appl.] Detection of Data Breaches in Banking Transaction Processes
2019-02-12 [appl.] Modeling and Verification of a Train Supervision System
2019-01-24 [soft.] Product-Line Approach for Families of Program Translators
2019-01-24 [appl.] Asynchronous Circuit Implementing a Memory Protection Unit
2019-01-17 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 11
2019-01-16 [appl.] Validation of the xSTream Data-Flow Architecture
2019-01-14 [appl.] Compositional Model Checking of Liveness Properties
2019-01-14 [appl.] Verification of Visibility-Based Properties on Multiple Moving Robots
2019-01-14 [appl.] Daily-Living Activity Recognition using Model Checking
2019-01-13 Released CADP version 2019-a "Pisa" (change list)
2019-01-10 Added new BES manual page
2019-01-09 Added new SEQ manual page
2019-01-08 [publ.] The 7th Model Checking Contest
2018-12-13 Released CADP version 2018-l "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-12-09 Added support for CADP on SunOS 5.11 (OpenIndiana "Hipster")
2018-11-13 Released CADP version 2018-k "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-10-13 Released CADP version 2018-j "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-10-11 Added support for CADP on macOS 10.14 "Mojave"
2018-10-08 [publ.] Compositional Verification in Action
2018-09-27 [publ.] Benchmarking Implementations of Term Rewriting...
2018-09-13 Released CADP version 2018-i "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-08-26 Released CADP version 2018-h "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-08-23 [demo] new demo_11 (dynamic task dispatcher)
2018-08-22 [demo] translated demo_17 (distributed leader election protocols) to LNT
2018-08-21 [publ.] Formal TLS Handshake Model in LNT
2018-08-21 [pres.] slides of J. Bozic and L. Marsso at MARS 2018
2018-08-21 [publ.] TESTOR: A Modular Tool for [...] Test Case Generation
2018-08-21 [pres.] slides of L. Marsso at TACAS 2018
2018-07-20 The CADP web site now supports HTTPS (Secure HTTP) navigation
2018-07-13 Released CADP version 2018-g "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-07-09 Added new CADP tool: SCRUTATOR
2018-06-13 Released CADP version 2018-f "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-06-12 [demo] new demo_06: Transport Layer Security 1.3 handshake protocol
2018-05-26 Released CADP version 2018-e "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-05-18 Added new overarching MCL manual page
2018-05-17 Added new overarching EVALUATOR manual page
2018-05-15 [pres.] slides of A. Bouzafour at ASYNC 2018
2018-05-07 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel's invited lecture at WRLA 2018
2018-04-26 Released CADP version 2018-d "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-04-25 [publ.] Comparative Study of Eight Formal Specifications [...]
2018-04-23 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel: Concurrency Theory meets IoT
2018-03-21 [appl.] Coordination of Autonomic Managers in the Cloud
2018-03-13 Released CADP version 2018-c "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-02-13 Released CADP version 2018-b "Uppsala" (change list)
2018-01-19 A Catalog of Tools for the Quantitative Zoo
2018-01-19 World map of CADP users in 2017
2018-01-18 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 10
2018-01-17 [soft.] Availability Analysis of Software Architecture Decompositions
2018-01-17 [soft.] RTCP-nets Modeling and Verification
2018-01-17 [soft.] Formal Specification of Web Services Composition
2018-01-17 [appl.] Heuristic Search for Equivalence Checking
2018-01-17 [appl.] Proving Linearizability via Branching Bisimulation
2018-01-13 Released CADP version 2018-a "Uppsala" (change list)
2017-12-19 [publ.] On the Most Suitable Axiomatization of Signed Integers
2017-12-13 Released CADP version 2017-l "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-11-13 Released CADP version 2017-k "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-11-10 Added support for CADP on macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"
2017-10-26 [appl.] Verification of TCP extended with the Window Scale Option
2017-10-26 [appl.] Proving Linearizability via Branching Bisimulation
2017-10-23 [publ.] From LOTOS to LNT
2017-10-23 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel presented at Ed Brinksma's Festschrift
2017-10-13 Released CADP version 2017-j "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-10-03 Our Web and FTP servers are back on-line after 2.5 days of disruption
2017-09-13 Released CADP version 2017-i "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-09-12 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel at OPCT'17
2017-09-11 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel and L. Marsso at MARS'17
2017-09-10 [pres.] slides of H. Garavel and W. Serwe at MARS'17
2017-08-26 Released CADP version 2017-h "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-07-26 Released CADP version 2017-g "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-06-30 [soft.] The MIstRAL Tool for Middleware Reconfiguration
2017-06-30 [soft.] The GROOVE Tool for Verification with Graph Rewriting
2017-06-30 [appl.] Action-based Verification of a Fire Alarm System
2017-06-20 [appl.] Modeling, Verification, and Testing for the EnergyBus
2017-06-19 [appl.] Distributed Controller for the Production Cell Benchmark
2017-06-19 [publ.] Automatic Distributed Code Generation from Formal Models...
2017-06-19 [soft.] VBPMN Tool for Checking Business Process Evolution
2017-06-19 [appl.] Performance Evaluation of Concurrent Data Structures
2017-06-19 [appl.] Formal Specification of the Raft Consensus Algorithm
2017-06-13 Released CADP version 2017-f "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-05-13 Released CADP version 2017-e "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-04-26 Released CADP version 2017-d "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-04-21 [publ.] The Unheralded Value of the Multiway Rendezvous
2017-04-20 [publ.] A Large Term Rewrite System Modelling a [...] Cryptographic Algorithm
2017-03-26 Released CADP version 2017-c "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-02-13 Released CADP version 2017-b "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2016-01-19 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 9
2017-01-13 Released CADP version 2017-a "Sophia Antipolis" (change list)
2017-01-05 World map of CADP users in 2016
2016-12-13 Released CADP version 2016-l "Oxford" (change list)
2016-11-16 [publ.] Checking Business Process Evolution
2016-11-13 Released CADP version 2016-k "Oxford" (change list)
2016-11-12 Added support for CADP on Windows when Cygwin is not installed in C:/
2016-11-09 Added support for CADP on macOS 10.12 "Sierra"
2016-11-08 [publ.] Improved Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm for Network-on-Chip
2016-11-02 [publ.] Modeling and Verification of GALS Systems using GRL and CADP
2016-10-28 [publ.] CAESAR.BDD and NUPNs in back of the Model Checking Contest
2016-10-13 Released CADP version 2016-j "Oxford" (change list)
2016-09-27 [appl.] Fully Asynchronous Model of the Data Encryption Standard
2016-09-13 Released CADP version 2016-i "Oxford" (change list)
2016-09-12 [soft.] Ocarina Tool for Analysing AADL Descriptions
2016-08-26 Released CADP version 2016-h "Oxford" (change list)
2016-07-13 Released CADP version 2016-g "Oxford" (change list)
2016-06-21 [soft.] DLC Compiler from LNT to Distributed C Code
2016-06-18 [soft.] GRL2LNT Tool for GALS Representation Language
2016-06-13 Released CADP version 2016-f "Oxford" (change list)
2016-06-13 Comprehensive list of CADP-related publications
2016-06-12 [publ.] Revisiting Sequential Composition in Process Calculi
2016-05-23 [publ.] GRL: A Specification Language for GALS Systems
2016-05-23 [publ.] Verification of EB3 specifications using CADP
2016-05-23 [publ.] Compiling a Concurrent Specif. to a Distributed Implem.
2016-05-13 Released CADP version 2016-e "Oxford" (change list)
2016-05-03 [publ.] Formal Verification of a Cache-Coherent System-on-Chip
2016-05-03 [publ.] Asynchronous Implem. of the Data Encryption Standard
2016-05-02 Added support for CADP on Windows using 64-bit Cygwin
2016-04-22 Lecture of Gérard Berry on SPIN and CADP (video, in French)
2016-04-13 Released CADP version 2016-d "Oxford" (change list)
2016-04-08 Updated installation for OS X "Yosemite" and "El Capitan"
2016-04-06 Provided a comprehensive LOTOS manual page
2016-03-21 [soft.] PIC2LNT Translator from Applied Pi-Calculus to LNT
2016-03-15 [appl.] Verification of Plastic User Interfaces Exploiting Domain Ontologies
2016-03-15 [appl.] Testing Autonomous Systems Using Communicating Extended FSMs
2016-03-15 Provided a standalone manual page for the MCL language
2016-03-15 [appl.] Applying Automata Learning to Embedded Control Software
2016-03-15 [appl.] Improving Design Pattern Finder Precision Using Model Checking
2016-03-14 Provided support for running CADP on Windows 10 using Cygwin
2016-03-13 Released CADP version 2016-c "Oxford" (change list)
2016-03-08 [soft.] The FLAC Fiacre to LOTOS Compiler
2016-02-13 Released CADP version 2016-b "Oxford" (change list)
2016-02-05 [appl.] Formal Description and Validation of Graphical User Interfaces
2016-02-05 [soft.] ELOTON Eclipse-based Editor to Support LOTOS Newcomers
2016-02-04 [demo] translated demo_12 to LNT
2016-02-04 [demo] translated demo_31 to LNT
2016-02-01 [soft.] IMCReo tool for Reasoning about QoS in Stochastic Reo Connectors
2016-02-01 [appl.] Verification of Models Reverse Engineered from Smart-card Readers
2016-01-17 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 8
2016-01-13 Released CADP version 2016-a "Oxford" (change list)
2015-12-13 Released CADP version 2015-l "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-11-26 Provided standalone manual pages for the GCF and PBG formats
2015-11-19 Provided a standalone manual page for the XTL language
2015-11-16 Provided a standalone manual page for the RBC format
2015-11-13 Released CADP version 2015-k "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-11-09 [demo] translated demo_36 to LNT
2015-11-02 [demo] translated demo_21 and demo_22 to LNT
2015-10-15 Provided a standalone manual page for the EXP language
2015-10-15 Provided a standalone manual page for the SVL language
2015-10-13 Released CADP version 2015-j "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-09-23 [publ.] Compositional Verification of Asynch. Systems using CADP
2015-09-23 [publ.] Automatic Distributed Code Generation from Formal Models...
2015-09-13 Released CADP version 2015-i "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-09-11 [demo] translated demo_38 to LNT
2015-08-26 Released CADP version 2015-h "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-08-26 [demo] entirely redesigned demo_38
2015-07-21 Provided a standalone manual page for the NUPN format
2015-07-13 Released CADP version 2015-g "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-07-06 [appl.] Model-based Development and Testing of a Software Bus
2015-07-06 [soft.] Refiner Tool for Checking Model Refinements
2015-06-29 [publ.] Nested-Unit Petri Nets: A Structural Means...
2015-06-13 Released CADP version 2015-f "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-05-13 Released CADP version 2015-e "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-05-12 [demo] translated demo_16 to LNT
2015-04-13 Released CADP version 2015-d "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-04-13 [demo] new demo_05 (Airplane-Ground Communication Protocol)
2015-03-26 Released CADP version 2015-c "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-02-26 Released CADP version 2015-b "Stony Brook" (change list)
2015-02-23 [appl.] Compatibility Checking for Asynchronous Communication
2015-02-23 [appl.] Dynamic Management Protocol for Cloud Applications
2015-01-29 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 7
2015-01-26 Released CADP version 2015-a "Stony Brook" (change list)
2014-12-19 [soft.] Support for Interactive Probabilistic Chains
2014-12-13 Released CADP version 2014-l "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-11-26 Released CADP version 2014-k "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-10-26 Released CADP version 2014-j "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-09-26 Released CADP version 2014-i "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-09-23 [appl.] Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm for a Network-on-Chip
2014-09-23 [appl.] Formal Analysis of the ACE Cache Coherency Protocol
2014-09-23 [publ.] Large-scale Distributed Verification using CADP
2014-09-23 [publ.] Formal Analysis of a Hardware Dynamic Task Dispatcher
2014-09-23 [publ.] Mutual exclusion algorithms benchmarked using CADP
2014-09-17 [publ.] Most recent overview publication about CADP
2014-09-16 [soft.] A SystemC/TLM Front-End for CADP
2014-09-16 [soft.] CHP2LOTOS Translator for CHP (Communicating Hardware Processes)
2014-08-26 Released CADP version 2014-h "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-07-17 [appl.] Verification of Multiway Synchronization Protocols
2014-07-17 [appl.] Composition and Abstraction of Logical Regulatory Modules
2014-07-17 [soft.] Compositional Verification Using Partial Model Checking
2014-07-17 [soft.] Translator from the EB3 Language to LNT
2014-07-13 Released CADP version 2014-g "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-07-02 [demo] translated demo_14 to LNT
2014-06-13 Released CADP version 2014-f "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-06-09 Enriched and structured on-line manual page
2014-06-03 Updated tutorial page
2014-05-30 [demo] translated demo_18 to LNT
2014-05-13 Released CADP version 2014-e "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-04-16 [lect.] Walking Back and Forth in Labelled Transition Systems
2014-04-13 Released CADP version 2014-d "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-04-03 [appl.] Assisting Refinement in System-on-Chip Design
2014-03-13 Released CADP version 2014-c "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-02-18 [appl.] Hypermanager for Reconfigurable Component-Based Systems
2014-02-18 [soft.] Modeling Robot Behavior with CCL
2014-02-13 Released CADP version 2014-b "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-01-23 [soft.] IDCM Tool for Incremental Component-based Architectures
2014-01-23 [soft.] DFTCalc Tool for Computing Failure Probability of Dynamic Fault Trees
2014-01-13 Released CADP version 2014-a "Amsterdam" (change list)
2014-01-13 [soft.] Reo Tool for Model-Checking Dataflow in Service Compositions
2014-01-13 [soft.] Automata Learning through Counterexample-guided Abstraction Refinement
2013-12-13 Released CADP version 2013-l "Zurich" (change list)
2013-12-12 Added new CADP tool: BCG_CMP
2013-11-29 [soft.] Formal Analysis of Choreography Specifications
2013-11-29 [soft.] Synchronizability and Realizability of Asynchronous Systems
2013-11-29 [soft.] Quantitative Timed Analysis of Interactive Markov Chains
2013-11-29 [soft.] Design Tool for FPGA-based Image and Video Processing
2013-11-13 Released CADP version 2013-k "Zurich" (change list)
2013-11-13 Added support for Apple OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" and XCode 5
2013-11-06 Revised installation of CADP on Mac OS X
2013-11-06 Entirely rewrote CADP status web page
2013-10-28 [soft.] Formal Modeling and Validation of BPEL-based Web Service Composition
2013-10-28 [soft.] SLCO Language Transformation Environment
2013-10-28 [soft.] SCOOP Tool for Symbolic Optimizations of Probabilistic Processes
2013-10-28 [soft.] DAMASCO Framework for Model-based Composition and Adaptation
2013-10-28 [appl.] Formal Development of Control Software in the Medical Systems Domain
2013-10-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-j (release candidate 50)
2013-09-30 [demo] translated demo_19 to LNT and ported it to Windows
2013-09-17 [demo] translated demo_30 to LNT
2013-09-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-i (release candidate 49)
2013-09-06 Brought support for the latest versions of Cygwin
2013-08-26 Released beta-version CADP 2013-h (release candidate 48)
2013-08-25 Revised installation of CADP on Windows
2013-07-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-g (release candidate 47)
2013-06-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-f (release candidate 46)
2013-05-16 [appl.] Model Checking of Scenario-Aware Dataflow
2013-05-16 [appl.] Real-Time Parallel Kernel for Dependable Distributed Systems
2013-05-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-e (release candidate 45)
2013-04-19 [appl.] Learning and Testing the Bounded Retransmission Protocol
2013-04-19 [appl.] Formal Analysis and Co-simulation of a Dynamic Task Dispatcher
2013-04-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-d (release candidate 44)
2013-04-12 Enhanced installation of CADP on MacOS X
2013-04-03 Updated Web page for the VLTS benchmark suite
2013-04-03 [appl.] Self-configuration Protocol for the Cloud
2013-04-03 [appl.] SYNERGY Reconfiguration Protocol
2013-04-03 [appl.] Rigorous Development of Prompting Dialogs
2013-03-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-c (release candidate 43)
2013-02-20 [appl.] Atomicity Maintenance in EPCReport of ALE
2013-02-20 [appl.] Semantics Tuning of UML/SysML
2013-02-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-b (release candidate 42)
2013-02-04 [appl.] Verification of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
2013-02-04 [appl.] Safety Verification of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Components
2013-02-04 [appl.] Behavior Analysis of Malware by Rewriting-Based Abstraction
2013-02-04 [appl.] Scalably Verifiable Cache Coherence
2013-02-04 [appl.] Verification of a Key Chain Based TTP Transparent CEM Protocol
2013-01-13 Released beta-version CADP 2013-a (release candidate 41)
2012-12-13 Released beta-version CADP 2012-b (release candidate 40)
2012-11-13 Released beta-version CADP 2012-a (release candidate 39)
2012-10-13 Released beta-version CADP 2011-c (release candidate 38)
2012-08-26 Released beta-version CADP 2011-b (release candidate 37)
2012-07-13 Released beta-version CADP 2011-a (release candidate 36)
2012-06-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-m (release candidate 35)
2012-05-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-l (release candidate 34)
2012-04-26 Released beta-version CADP 2010-k (release candidate 33)
2012-04-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-j (release candidate 32)
2012-03-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-i (release candidate 31)
2012-01-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-h (release candidate 30)
2011-12-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-g (release candidate 29)
2011-11-21 Moving from to
2011-11-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-f (release candidate 28)
2011-10-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-e (release candidate 27)
2011-09-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-d (release candidate 26)
2011-07-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-c (release candidate 25)
2011-06-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-b (release candidate 24)
2011-05-13 Released beta-version CADP 2010-a (release candidate 23)
2011-04-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-i (release candidate 22)
2011-03-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-h (release candidate 21)
2011-02-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-g (release candidate 20)
2011-01-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-f (release candidate 19)
2010-12-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-e (release candidate 18)
2010-11-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-d (release candidate 17)
2010-10-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-c (release candidate 16)
2010-10-11 Already 1000 messages and 150 members in the CADP forum
2010-09-13 Released beta-version CADP 2009-b (release candidate 15)
2010-07-23 Released beta-version CADP 2009-a (release candidate 14)
2010-06-18 Released beta-version CADP 2008-k (release candidate 13)
2010-04-06 Released beta-version CADP 2008-j (release candidate 12)
2010-03-05 Released beta-version CADP 2008-i (release candidate 11)
2010-01-21 Released beta-version CADP 2008-h (release candidate 10)
2010-01-19 Added new CADP tool: LNT.OPEN
2010-01-19 Added new CADP tool: LNT2LOTOS
2010-01-19 Added new CADP tool: LPP
2009-12-10 Released beta-version CADP 2008-g (release candidate 9)
2009-10-29 Released beta-version CADP 2008-f (release candidate 8)
2009-07-31 Added new CADP tool: CONTRIBUTOR
2009-07-29 Released beta-version CADP 2008-e (release candidate 7)
2009-07-23 Added new CADP tool: CUNCTATOR
2009-07-13 Released beta-version CADP 2008-d (release candidate 6)
2009-07-10 Added new CADP tool: FSP.OPEN
2009-06-13 Released beta-version CADP 2008-c (release candidate 5)
2009-05-13 Released beta-version CADP 2008-b (release candidate 4)
2009-04-13 Released beta-version CADP 2008-a (release candidate 3)
2009-03-13 Released beta-version CADP 2007-r (release candidate 2)
2009-02-13 Released beta-version CADP 2007-q (release candidate 1)
2009-01-13 Released beta-version CADP 2007-p (feature complete)
2008-12-17 Added new CADP tool: FSP2LOTOS
2008-12-12 Released beta-version CADP 2007-o
2008-11-28 Released beta-version CADP 2007-n
2008-11-03 Released beta-version CADP 2007-m
2008-10-15 Released beta-version CADP 2007-l
2008-09-30 Released beta-version CADP 2007-k
2008-08-26 Released beta-version CADP 2007-j
2008-07-29 Released beta-version CADP 2007-i
2008-07-10 Released beta-version CADP 2007-h
2008-06-18 Released beta-version CADP 2007-g
2008-06-01 Released beta-version CADP 2007-f
2008-05-13 Released beta-version CADP 2007-e
2008-03-18 Released beta-version CADP 2007-d
2008-02-05 Released beta-version CADP 2007-c
2007-11-07 Released beta-version CADP 2007-b
2007-10-17 Released beta-version CADP 2007-a
2007-09-24 Opened the CADP forum
2007-07-26 Released CADP 2006-a "Edinburgh" = CADP 2006 + patches
2007-07-22 slides of H. Garavel at CAV'2007
2007-07-21 Solved problem 2006-g [Ubuntu Linux]
2007-07-10 Solved problem 2006-f [Windows/Cygwin]
2007-04-19 Published the CADP Newsletter - Nr. 6
2007-04-12 Solved problem 2006-e [Windows/Cygwin after Dec.19, 2006]
2007-04-10 Solved problem 2006-d [all architectures]
2007-02-08 Solved problem 2006-c [Ubuntu Linux 6.10]
2007-01-31 Published the VASY 2006 Activity Report
2007-01-30 Solved problem 2006-b [EUCALYPTUS 2.6]
2007-01-23 Solved problem 2006-a [Windows/Cygwin after Dec. 19, 2006]
2006-12-12 Released CADP 2006 "Edinburgh"
2006-12-10 Released beta-version CADP 2005-k (release candidate 5)
2006-12-10 Wrote HISTORY entries #1160..#1166
2006-12-10 Fixed typo (extra ".lib" suffix) in demo_24/co4.lotos
2006-12-01 Fixed typo (duplicated words) in CAESAR_RENAME_1 manual page
2006-11-30 Corrected two mu-calculus formulas in demo_40 (Web services)
2006-11-30 Ported to Linux distributions relying on /bin/dash (Ubuntu 6.10)
2006-11-30 Corrected macOS case in src/com/cadp_which
2006-11-30 Fixed bitfields in X_ACTION.h, X_BIT.h, and X_BOOLEAN.h
2006-11-16 Added detection of Evince in BCG_DRAW and BCG_EDIT
2006-11-02 Released beta-version CADP 2005-j (release candidate 4)
2006-10-30 Wrote HISTORY entries #1158..#1159
2006-10-30 Added new shell-script $CADP/src/com/cadp_echo (for Solaris)
2006-10-30 Fixed BCG_EDIT issue with arrow heads inclined at 45 degrees
2006-10-30 Reduced height of EUCALYPTUS Reduce panel for 1024x768 screens
2006-10-27 Released beta-version CADP 2005-i (release candidate 3)
2006-10-27 Wrote HISTORY entries #1156..#1157
2006-10-27 Added -parse and -unparse options to BCG_LABELS
2006-10-27 Fixed EUCALYPTUS issue related to label parsing with TGV
2006-10-27 Added TST warning for missing 32-bit glibc-devel on Opteron
2006-10-26 Erased extra '\r' characters in license files generated on Windows
2006-10-26 Wrote HISTORY entries #1147..#1155
2006-10-26 Fixed minor issue in SVL scripts running on Solaris
2006-10-26 Enhanced TST to detect Cygwin-specific mount point in $CADP
2006-10-26 Updated bibliography section in three CADP manual pages
2006-10-25 Removed extra TST warnings in case of incomplete $PATH
2006-10-25 Fixed $PATH export issue in 6 shell-scripts
2006-10-25 Replaced "basename" with "cadp_basename" in 10 shell-scripts
2006-10-23 Removed directives requiring to set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Solaris
2006-10-23 Updated the contents of file $CADP/USERS
2006-10-23 Fixed issue in TST occuring on non-English versions of Solaris
2006-10-20 Added new shell-script $CADP/src/com/cadp_basename
2006-10-20 Added TST warning for missing Solaris /usr/{ucb,xpg4}/basename
2006-10-20 Fixed a minor SVL bug (non-detection of *.err files) on Solaris
2006-10-17 Added a new publication on refined compositional verification
2006-10-17 Updated INSTALLATION_2 manual for Windows users
2006-10-17 Fixed minor error in TST shell-script
2006-10-17 Fixed truncated paragraph in DISTRIBUTOR manual page
2006-10-13 Released beta-version CADP 2005-h (release candidate 2)
2006-10-12 Wrote HISTORY entries #1140..#1146
2006-10-12 Fixed cover pages of all INRIA research reports in doc/pdf/*
2006-10-11 Enabled fetching "gs" and "mozilla" in /usr/sfw/bin on Solaris 10
2006-10-11 Added two new publications on EVALUATOR 3.0
2006-10-10 Updated INSTALLATION_2 and INSTALLATION_WINDOWS files
2006-10-10 Released beta-version CADP 2005-g (release candidate 1)
2006-10-09 Fixed issue (spurious error message) in BCG_OPEN script
2006-10-04 Fixed intermittent blocking of cadp_hostinfo on Linux clusters
2006-09-29 Wrote HISTORY entries #1128..#1139
2006-09-25 Handled disconnected Macs with fixed IP addresses (no DHCP)
2006-09-22 Improved the translation of ACTL formulas into mu-calculus
2006-09-22 Removed need for having /usr/ucb in the $PATH for Solaris users
2006-09-21 Added support for Cygwin users with home directories not on C:\
2006-09-21 Added TST warning for the absence of "ulimit -s" on Cygwin
2006-09-20 Fixed Installator issue on Windows with long mount point names
2006-09-19 Fixed Windows portability issue in EVALUATOR -block"
2006-09-18 Fixed an incorrect error message in EVALUATOR"
2006-09-08 Improved TST message when "indent" is missing on Solaris
2006-09-08 Modified TST to avoid a useless warning on Solaris 10
2006-07-28 Improved BISIMULATOR manual page (branching diagnostics)
2006-07-28 Updated screen pictures on the INSTALLATOR manual page
2006-07-27 Released beta-version CADP 2005-f
2006-07-25 Adapted OPEN/CAESAR scripts towards white spaces in $CADP
2006-07-24 Fixed semantic bug in BISIMULATOR -branching -diag
2006-07-24 Changed OPEN/CAESAR binaries to allow spaces in $CADP
2006-07-24 Avoided link edition warning for Projector on MacOS X
2006-07-21 Wrote HISTORY entries #1116..#1127
2006-07-21 Fixed SVL issue with Projector's ".sync" files on Windows
2006-07-20 Fixed minor issue in EUCALYPTUS Tcl/Tk script
2006-07-20 Updated several pages of the CADP Web site
2006-07-19 Added overview paper on CAESAR_SOLVE (39 pages)
2006-07-17 Updated the contents of file $CADP/USERS
2006-07-11 Released beta-version CADP 2005-e
2006-07-11 Made EUCALYPTUS more robust against empty option strings
2006-07-10 Interfaced EXP.OPEN 2.0 with the TINA verification tool
2006-07-10 Updated "=READ_ME.txt" demo files according to CAESAR.NEW
2006-07-07 Renamed CAESAR into CAESAR.OLD and CAESAR.NEW into CAESAR
2006-07-07 Enhanced "cadp_indent" to cope with Linux "" files
2006-07-05 Changed "caesar_graph.h" declarations to avoid lint warnings
2006-07-05 Fixed subtle bug in "-unit" option of CAESAR.BDD
2006-07-04 Enhanced variable declaration formatting in CAESAR.INDENT
2006-07-03 Enabled GNU indent to be used by "cadp_indent" on Solaris
2006-07-03 Handled SIGPIPE signals gracefully in "src/com/cadp_tail"
2006-07-03 Fixed TST issue for Linux processes with unlimited stack size
2006-06-28 Released beta-version CADP 2005-d
2006-06-27 Wrote HISTORY entries #1112..#1115
2006-06-26 Wrote HISTORY entries #1102..#1111
2006-06-26 Improved dependency check for CAESAR[.ADT,.NEW] -external
2006-06-26 Brought various enhancements to EUCALYPTUS user interface
2006-06-26 Suppressed spurious error message emitted by TST on Windows
2006-06-07 Enhanced INSTALLATOR with symbolic link capability checking
2006-06-07 Added installation directives for FAT and NTFS file systems
2006-06-06 Fixed license reminder issue for INSTALLATOR on Windows
2006-06-06 Improved warning messages sent before license expiration
2006-06-06 Added options "-v" and "-t" to RFL
2006-05-24 Changed EUCALYPTUS to support BCG_MIN new options
2006-05-23 Improved the pretty-printing rules of CAESAR.INDENT
2006-05-19 Made all C files within $CADP/ compliant with SunStudio 11 lint
2006-05-18 Released beta-version CADP 2005-c
2006-05-17 Finished adding SPARC binaries compiled with SunStudio 11
2006-05-16 Started adding SPARC binaries compiled with SunStudio 11
2006-05-12 Improved the manual page for CAESAR_SOLVE_1
2006-05-05 Improved EUCALYPTUS support for EVALUATOR 3.5
2006-05-05 Improved EUCALYPTUS support for EXP.OPEN 2.0
2006-05-04 Added "-external" option to CAESAR and CAESAR.NEW
2006-05-04 Added "-indent, -oldstyle, -newstyle" options to CAESAR[.NEW]
2006-05-03 Released beta-version CADP 2005-b
2006-05-03 Made "incl/X_STRING.h" compatible with CAESAR.NEW
2006-05-02 Wrote HISTORY entries #1096..#1101
2006-05-02 Fixed bug in BISIMULATOR -branching -diag
2006-04-26 Fixed EUCALYPTUS issue when $CYGWIN contains "tty"
2006-04-26 Fixed INSTALLATOR issue when $CYGWIN contains "tty"
2006-04-24 Wrote HISTORY entries #1081..#1095
2006-04-18 Fixed remaining issue in CAESAR_TEST_REGEXP()
2006-04-12 Enhanced BISIMULATOR's -bes option with gzip compression
2006-04-07 Fixed segmentation fault in CAESAR_TEST_REGEXP()
2006-04-07 Redesigned entirely the CADP Publication Page
2006-04-07 Released beta-version CADP 2005-a
2006-04-06 Fixed link edition bug in OCIS
2006-04-06 Modified EUCALYPTUS to support useful options of EXP.OPEN V2.0
2006-04-06 Modified EUCALYPTUS to support all BISIMULATOR/EVALUATOR options
2006-04-06 Fixed EUCALYPTUS bug when comparing a ".bcg" to an ".aut" file
2006-03-31 Modified EUCALYPTUS to give access to REDUCTOR V5
2006-03-30 Added -format option to BCG_IO for generating ETMCC format
2006-03-30 Fixed errors in EXEC/CAESAR's C code for `empty' LOTOS specs
2006-03-30 Declared EXEC/CAESAR's gate functions to avoid compiler warnings
2006-03-28 Fixed SVL issue with gate names not starting with a letter
2006-03-28 Renamed EXEC/CAESAR's CAESAR_EXIT() function into EXIT()
2006-03-27 Added demo_40 (stock management and auction web services)
2006-03-24 Enhanced EVALUATOR's -bes option with gzip compression
2006-03-24 Added -format option to DETERMINATOR and BCG_MIN
2006-03-22 Simplified EUCALYPTUS with respect to ALDEBARAN
2006-03-22 Fixed ".exp" conversion bug in EUCALYPTUS
2006-03-16 Fixed bug in REDUCTOR -total -safety
2006-03-16 Fixed minor bug in SVL "verify" and "comparison" diagnostics
2006-03-15 Added "Evaluate performance" menu to EUCALYPTUS
2006-03-15 More enhancements in TST to support Intel's ICC compiler
2006-03-14 More enhancements in INSTALLATION_2 and CAESAR[.NEW]
2006-03-10 Released beta-version CADP 2004-k
2006-03-10 Adapted SVL to REDUCTOR V5
2006-03-10 Added -trace and -weaktrace options to REDUCTOR
2006-03-10 Replaced REDUCTOR's -minimal option with -total/-partial
2006-03-09 Wrote the REDUCTOR 5.0 manual page
2006-03-07 Removed "-normal" and "-tauclosure" options of DETERMINATOR
2006-03-07 Enhanced "tst" to recognize and check Intel's ICC compiler
2006-03-06 Added "bfs" and "dfs" attributes to "compare" in SVL
2006-03-06 Added "bfs", "dfs", and "acyclic" attributes to "verify" in SVL
2006-03-06 Wrote HISTORY entries #1040..#1080
2006-03-03 Fixed core dump issue with "label par" in EXP.OPEN 2.0
2006-03-02 Fixed bug in REDUCTOR -taucompression -divergence
2006-02-24 Rewrote HISTORY entries #984 and #996
2006-02-23 Released beta-version CADP 2004-j
2006-02-23 Changed API of function CAESAR_READ_SOLVE_1()
2006-02-23 Changed API of function CAESAR_WRITE_SOLVE_1()
2006-02-22 Enhanced CAESAR to avoid Intel compiler ICC 9.0 warnings
2006-02-22 Enhanced BCG tools to avoid Intel compiler ICC 9.0 warnings
2006-02-21 Enhanced CAESAR.ADT to avoid Intel compiler ICC 9.0 warnings
2006-02-21 Enhanced EXP.OPEN to avoid Intel compiler ICC 9.0 warnings
2006-02-21 Allowed for Solaris C compiler not located in /opt/SUNWspro/bin
2006-02-21 Added support for GV/GGV/KGHOSTVIEW in EUCALYPTUS and BCG_DRAW
2006-02-17 Renamed into CAESAR_EXIT() the gate function for LOTOS gate "exit"
2006-02-16 Enhanced demo_19 and demo_38 with gate function logging
2006-02-15 Rewrote HISTORY entries #994 and #1011
2006-02-06 Improved compatibility between ALDEBARAN and ALDEBARAN.OLD
2006-02-03 Fixed XTL bug on Linux and Windows
2006-02-01 Added -tauconfluence option to BISIMULATOR
2006-01-26 Released beta-version CADP 2004-i
2006-01-26 Fixed table overflow issue in EXP.OPEN 2.0
2006-01-25 Fixed an error in the manual page of EXHIBITOR
2006-01-24 Renamed REDUCTOR's "-keeplock" option into "-divergence"
2006-01-20 Published the VASY 2005 Activity Report
2006-01-09 Fixed an error in the manual page of EVALUATOR 3.5
2006-01-09 Released beta-version CADP 2004-h
2006-01-09 Adapted Installator to MacOS X 10.4 "Tiger"
2006-01-09 Updated installation directives for MacOS X 10.4 "Tiger"
2006-01-06 Improved branching/observational equivalences in BISIMULATOR
2006-01-04 Fixed diagnostic bug of branching equivalence in BISIMULATOR
2005-12-23 Released beta-version CADP 2004-g
2005-12-22 Added -keeplock option to REDUCTOR
2005-12-22 Fixed branching equivalence bug in BISIMULATOR
2005-12-20 Improved diagnostics for livelocks in demo 10, 11, 14, 37
2005-12-20 Modified SVL to erase ALDEBARAN diagnostic files
2005-12-20 Renamed ALDEBARAN diagnostic file into ""
2005-12-19 Added logging macros in "incl/caesar_kernel.h"
2005-12-16 Fixed one remaining bug in CAESAR.INDENT
2005-12-16 Fixed mistake in file "$CADP/demos/demo_04/EXP.t"
2005-12-16 Added -deadpreserving and -weaktrace options to EXP.OPEN
2005-12-16 Updated PROJECTOR and REDUCTOR manual pages
2005-11-29 Fixed 2 bugs and brought 2 improvements in CAESAR.INDENT
2005-11-22 Improved -tauconfluence/-taucompression in BISIMULATOR
2005-11-21 Improved -tauconfluence/-taucompression in DISTRIBUTOR
2005-11-21 Added -tauconfluence/-taucompression options to REDUCTOR
2005-11-02 More changes to avoid warnings from Sun compiler 5.7
2005-10-28 Released beta-version CADP 2004-f
2005-10-28 Improved counterexamples generated by BISIMULATOR
2005-10-27 Replaced ALDEBARAN by a shell wrapper (this fixes 24 bugs)
2005-10-19 Avoided warnings from Sun compiler 5.7 (Sun Studio 10)
2005-10-13 Released beta-version CADP 2004-e
2005-10-13 Further reduced internal memory cost of table_1
2005-10-10 Renamed ALDEBARAN binary into ALDEBARAN.OLD
2005-10-10 Installed new version 4.0 of the REDUCTOR tool
2005-10-10 Fixed cleanup errors in SVL scripts of demos 24, 31, and 39
2005-10-07 Added new properties and Markov delays to demo_39
2005-09-29 Added -unparse option in EXP.OPEN
2005-09-28 Allowed special characters in EXP.OPEN labels
2005-09-23 Fixed issue in CAESAR_SOLVE_1 diagnostic generation
2005-09-22 Enhanced the API of library CAESAR_SOLVE_1
2005-09-21 Added 5th resolution algorithm (named A5) in CAESAR_SOLVE
2005-09-19 Fixed bug in EXP.OPEN -mcrl and -interface options
2005-09-19 Reduced internal memory cost of table_1
2005-09-13 Fixed spurious warning from "tst" on recent RedHat OS'es
2005-09-12 Released beta-version CADP 2004-d
2005-09-12 Wrote HISTORY file entries #1034...#1039
2005-09-12 Added demo_39 (turntable system for drilling products)
2005-09-09 Added demo_38 (asynchronous DES implementation)
2005-09-09 Added assertion macros in "incl/caesar_kernel.h"
2005-09-09 Wrote HISTORY file entries #1016...#1033
2005-09-06 Simplified auxiliary files for demo_19
2005-09-06 Improved "src/exec_caesar/main.c" (EXEC/CAESAR's entry point)
2005-09-05 Added demo_37 (ODP trader)
2005-09-02 Wrote HISTORY file entries #1002...#1015
2005-09-02 Fixed spurious "out of date" warnings in CAESAR and CAESAR.ADT
2005-08-29 Wrote HISTORY file entries #998...#1001
2005-08-22 Wrote HISTORY file entries #970...#997
2005-07-25 Simplified demo_15/demo.svl and demo_34/demo.svl
2005-07-18 Wrote HISTORY file entries #962...#969
2005-07-15 Wrote HISTORY file entry #903 (CAESAR.ADT's new-style iterators)
2005-06-28 Released beta-version CADP 2004-c
2005-06-24 Fixed DISTRIBUTOR issue with Windows' "Services for Unix"
2005-06-24 Made PROJECTOR 2.0 faster (up to 7 times on some examples)
2005-06-24 Avoided useless CAESAR{,.ADT,.NEW} recomputations on win32
2005-06-13 Made the C code generated by CAESAR acceptable by Protoize
2005-05-17 Improved demo_35 (distributed summation algorithm)
2005-04-27 Released beta-version CADP 2004-b
2005-04-25 Fixed a few residual problems observed on Windows
2005-04-17 Fixed bug when calling BCG_TRANSIENT with several "time instants"
2005-04-15 Allowed DISTRIBUTOR's -monitor option to work on Windows
2005-04-13 Changed C code produced by CAESAR[.ADT] to avoid GCC warnings
2005-04-08 Released beta-version CADP 2004-a
2005-04-07 Added CAESAR.NEW tool (preview version of CAESAR 7.0)
2005-04-05 Cleared semantic issue in CAESAR's optimization U2
2005-04-05 Fixed BCG_EDIT problem when $PRINTER contains spaces
2005-04-01 Released beta-version CADP 2003-z
2005-04-01 Enlarged table_1 capacity from (2^24)-1 up to 2^29 elements
2005-03-30 Migrated win32 binaries of CADP from CRTDLL to MSVCRT
2005-03-29 Made the C code generated by EXP2C faster by 25-35%
2005-03-29 Changed value of CAESAR_NULL_INDEX_TABLE_1 to -1 => recompile!
2005-03-24 Fixed occasional deadlocks in INSTALLATOR after FTP transfers
2005-03-24 Added new demo_36 (distributed Erathostenes sieve)
2005-03-24 Added new demo_35 (distributed summation algorithm)
2005-03-24 Added "-info" option to EXP.OPEN V2
2005-03-23 Upgraded win32 binaries to mingw-runtime-3.7 and w32api-3.2
2005-03-23 Fixed immobile progress bars in DISTRIBUTOR's MONITOR
2005-03-23 Fixed "infinite loop" error message in DISTRIBUTOR's MONITOR
2005-03-18 Released beta-version CADP 2003-y
2005-03-18 Enabled OCIS to load arbitrary scenarios stored in BCG files
2005-03-15 Fixed various portability issues arising on Windows XP
2005-03-14 Allowed 8-bit chars in EXP2C, MCL_EXPAND, SVL, and XTL
2005-03-14 Allowed 8-bit chars in CAESAR, CAESAR.ADT, and CAESAR.INDENT
2005-03-14 Fixed BISIMULATOR bug on Windows
2005-03-11 Fixed constant order issue in C code generated by CAESAR.ADT
2005-03-10 Added support for partial order reduction in SVL
2005-03-03 Updated the help menu of the EUCALYPTUS user interface
2005-03-03 Integrated the revised E7 option of CAESAR in EUCALYPTUS
2005-03-03 Integrated BISIMULATOR in the EUCALYPTUS user interface
2005-03-02 Released beta-version CADP 2003-x
2005-03-02 Added new hash function CAESAR_7_HASH()
2005-03-01 Redesigned hash function CAESAR_6_HASH() entirely
2005-02-28 Updated demos to use BISIMULATOR instead of ALDEBARAN
2005-02-28 Added trace and weak trace equivalences to SVL
2005-02-25 Solved license issues for disconnected Linux laptops
2005-02-25 Fixed pointer alignment issues in CAESAR_i_HASH(), i = 1, 2, 6
2005-02-24 Released beta-version CADP 2003-w
2005-02-24 Ported the OCIS graphical simulator to Mac OS X
2005-02-23 Fixed several issues in the OCIS graphical simulator
2005-02-22 Fixed "BCG_INFO -nondeterministic" bug on large graphs
2005-02-18 Added new demo_34 (computer integrated manufacturing)
2005-02-18 Finalized demo_31 (SCSI-2 bus arbitration protocol)
2005-02-16 Improved TST to detect Linux kernels with GR security enabled
2005-02-11 Released beta-version CADP 2003-v
2005-02-10 Ported CADP to Linux Fedora Core 3
2005-02-10 Added "refined abstraction" operator to the SVL language
2005-02-10 Added "-labels" option to EXP.OPEN V2
2005-02-08 Fixed buffer overflow in CADP_LIB
2005-02-03 Improved counterexample graphs generated by BISIMULATOR
2005-02-03 Fixed porting issue of BISIMULATOR on Mac OS X
2005-02-03 Installed new version 3.5 of the EVALUATOR model checker
2005-02-02 Released beta-version CADP 2003-u
2005-02-02 Fixed subtle bug in CAESAR_SOLVE's BFS algorithm
2005-01-28 Updated manual page for EVALUATOR 3.5
2005-01-27 Wrote DISTRIBUTOR manual page
2005-01-27 Fixed various issues in DISTRIBUTOR and BCG_MERGE
2005-01-27 Removed -merge option from DISTRIBUTOR
2005-01-27 Added -clean option to BCG_MERGE
2005-01-24 Added DISTRIBUTOR and BCG_MERGE binaries to CADP
2005-01-21 Published the VASY 2004 Activity Report
2005-01-17 Released beta-version CADP 2003-t
2005-01-17 Fixed (only potential) bug in CAESAR_SOLVE_1
2005-01-17 Fixed various typos in the CAESAR_SOLVE_1 manual page
2005-01-17 Suppressed spurious TST warning "No license exists for host ..."
2005-01-13 Added trace and weak-trace equivalences in BISIMULATOR
2005-01-11 Fixed a minor bug in EXP.OPEN V2 code generation
2005-01-11 Fixed three minor bugs in SVL
2005-01-07 Released beta-version CADP 2003-s
2005-01-07 Updated BISIMULATOR manual page
2005-01-07 Wrote the CAESAR_SOLVE_1 manual page (23 pages)
2005-01-06 Fixed a problem with "leaf reduction" in SVL
2005-01-06 Fixed a table overflow bug in EXP.OPEN V2
2004-12-23 Wrote BCG_MERGE manual page
2004-12-21 Released beta-version CADP 2003-r
2004-12-21 Finalized demo_30 (Hubble space telescope lifetime)
2004-12-20 Fixed two bugs in the forthcoming BCG_MERGE tool
2004-12-17 Updated SVL to support BISIMULATOR and PROJECTOR 2.0
2004-12-17 Added new BISIMULATOR tool
2004-12-17 Added DETERMINATOR binaries to CADP
2004-12-17 Added CAESAR_SOLVE_1 library for boolean equation systems
2004-12-17 Added version 2 of PROJECTOR
2004-12-16 Simplified "raw" matrix in BCG_STEADY/BCG_TRANSIENT
2004-12-16 Fixed TGV abort problem on Windows
2004-12-16 Ported TGV to Mac OS X
2004-12-15 Wrote DETERMINATOR manual page
2004-12-15 Added "impossible synchronization" warnings in Exp.Open
2004-12-15 Fixed Exp.Open bug with labels containing special characters
2004-12-15 Released beta-version CADP 2003-q
2004-12-14 Fixed minor bug in Exp2Fc2 that impacted SVL
2004-12-14 Fixed bug in "-append" option of BCG_STEADY and BCG_TRANSIENT
2004-12-13 Renamed "caesar_block_1" library into "caesar_area_1"
2004-12-13 Updated "upc" to warn about CAESAR_CREATE_TABLE_1()
2004-12-13 Added automatic padding around mark field in "caesar_table_1"
2004-12-13 Added new function CAESAR_HASH_STRING_BLOCK_1()
2004-12-13 Improved dispersion of CAESAR_STRING_0_HASH()
2004-12-10 Wrote BCG_TRANSIENT manual page
2004-12-09 Wrote BCG_STEADY manual page
2004-12-07 Simplified CAESAR_CREATE_TABLE_1() profile further
2004-12-03 Improved -thr option of BCG_STEADY and BCG_TRANSIENT
2004-12-03 Released beta-version CADP 2003-p
2004-12-02 Wrote HISTORY file entries #904...#961
2004-12-01 Allowed NULL comment in BCG_IO_WRITE_BCG_BEGIN()
2004-12-01 Fixed subtle bug in the cache table of "caesar_mask_1"
2004-11-30 Fixed problem in documentation of CAESAR_APPLY_MASK_1()
2004-11-29 Improved semantics of CAESAR_PRINT in CAESAR_CREATE_TABLE_1()
2004-11-29 Fixed 3 bugs with string blocks in "caesar_block_1"
2004-11-25 Put the BCG_STEADY and BCG_TRANSIENT binaries in CADP
2004-11-25 Modified "tst" to check the stack size `ulimit'
2004-11-17 Used "block_1" type in CAESAR_CREATE_TABLE_1() profile
2004-11-16 Enhanced "caesar_block_1" with the notion of empty block
2004-11-15 Released beta-version CADP 2003-o
2004-11-15 Added CAESAR_TYPE_OVERFLOW_FUNCTION_STACK_1 in "stack_1"
2004-11-15 Wrote HISTORY file entries #895...#902
2004-11-10 Added CAESAR_TYPE_OVERFLOW_FUNCTION_TABLE_1 in "table_1"
2004-11-08 Added 19 new subjects to the CADP FAQ page
2004-11-03 Added -hide and -rename options to Generator and Reductor
2004-11-03 Added BCG general options to Generator and Reductor
2004-11-03 Added new OPEN/CAESAR library named "caesar_mask_1"
2004-11-02 Wrote HISTORY file entries #878...#894
2004-10-25 Added new OPEN/CAESAR library named "caesar_block_1"
2004-10-21 Added CAESAR_LABEL_i_HASH() (i = 1..6) in "caesar_hash"
2004-10-20 Added CAESAR_FUNCTION_NAME() in "caesar_standard"
2004-10-19 Improved BCG_INFO, BCG_LABELS, and BCG_MIN man pages
2004-10-19 Corrected typos in OPEN/CAESAR Reference Manual
2004-10-19 Added CAESAR_STRING_0_HASH() in "caesar_hash" library
2004-10-18 Released beta-version CADP 2003-n
2004-10-18 Added "-interface" option to EXP.OPEN V2
2004-10-18 Fixed core dump in BCG_MIN strong stochastic minimization
2004-10-15 Updated CADP usage statistics
2004-10-12 Fixed "uudecode -s" issue for Installator on Mac OS X 10.3
2004-10-12 Added choice between rsh, ssh, and krsh in Installator
2004-10-11 Added option "-p" to RFL for choosing remote access protocol
2004-10-08 Released beta-version CADP 2003-m
2004-10-08 Fixed semantic bug in stochastic/probabilistic BCG_MIN
2004-10-08 Updated files INSTALLATION_3 and INSTALLATION_4
2004-10-04 Improved TST detection of the Glibc version on Linux
2004-10-04 Fixed minor RFL problem caused by "/usr/bin/tr" on Solaris
2004-10-01 Released beta-version CADP 2003-l
2004-10-01 Changed Installator to circumvent Windows file locks
2004-09-30 Added new shell-script named "src/com/install_lock"
2004-09-29 Added new shell-script named "src/com/install_clone"
2004-09-27 Fixed bug in SVL related to "-case" option
2004-09-27 Ported CADP_MEMORY to Mac OS X
2004-09-24 Allowed license requests by FTP from machines without e-mail
2004-09-24 Fixed Installator problem on Linux caused by GNU-tar 1.14
2004-09-21 Fixed minor bug in EXP.OPEN V2 shell script
2004-09-17 Released beta-version CADP 2003-k
2004-09-17 Installed e-mail reminder (before licence expires) service
2004-09-16 Wrote HISTORY file entries #848...#877
2004-09-15 Released beta-version CADP 2003-j
2004-09-14 Wrote HISTORY file entries #790...#847
2004-09-13 Fixed minor bug in SVL error messages
2004-09-13 Fixed segmentation fault bug in BCG_IO_WRITE_BCG_END()
2004-09-13 Changed demo_26 to avoid a "macro redefined" warning
2004-09-09 Improved integration between CAESAR and CAESAR.BDD
2004-09-07 Fixed double-click bug in BCG_EDIT's file selection window
2004-09-07 Avoided multiple recompilations by CAESAR[.ADT] on Mac OS X
2004-09-06 Adapted "-map" option of CAESAR[.ADT] to new-style iterators
2004-09-02 Refined error codes returned by CAESAR.BDD on exit
2004-09-01 Ported XSIMULATOR to Mac OS X
2004-08-31 Changed Installator to adjust CR/LF and symlinks on Windows
2004-08-27 Improved many details of Mac OS X port
2004-08-24 Replaced EXP2FC2 binaries with a simple shell-script
2004-08-24 Added version 2 of EXP.OPEN
2004-07-27 Released beta-version CADP 2003-i
2004-07-27 Ported XTL 1.2 to Mac OS X
2004-07-26 Ported ALDEBARAN to Mac OS X
2004-07-23 Allowed multiple LICENSE files for clusters and large networks
2004-07-21 Enabled 8-bit characters in LICENSE files
2004-07-20 Added support for Linux 2.6 systems (e.g., Mandrake 10)
2004-07-13 Ported CAESAR, CAESAR.ADT, and BCG to Mac OS X
2004-07-13 Added new version of CAESAR optimization E7 based on BDDs
2004-07-13 Added new CADP tool: CAESAR.BDD
2004-07-13 Provided backward compatibility with glibc 2.2.5
2004-07-08 Added CAESAR_TEMPORARY_FILE() in "caesar_standard"
2004-07-06 Released beta-version CADP 2003-h
2004-07-02 Added support for AMD Opteron running in 32-bit mode
2004-06-20 Released beta-version CADP 2003-g
2004-06-14 Released beta-version CADP 2003-f
2004-06-02 Released beta-version CADP 2003-e
2004-05-06 Released beta-version CADP 2003-d
2004-04-28 Released beta-version CADP 2003-c
2004-04-08 Released beta-version CADP 2003-b
2004-03-25 Released beta-version CADP 2003-a
2004-03-08 Released beta-version CADP 2002-z
2004-02-26 Released beta-version CADP 2002-y
2004-02-10 Released beta-version CADP 2002-x
2003-12-18 Released beta-version CADP 2002-w
2003-12-01 Released beta-version CADP 2002-v
2003-11-21 Released beta-version CADP 2002-u
2003-11-17 Released beta-version CADP 2002-t
2003-10-27 Released beta-version CADP 2002-s
2003-10-23 Released beta-version CADP 2002-r
2003-10-16 Released beta-version CADP 2002-q
2003-09-02 Released beta-version CADP 2002-p
2003-07-25 Released beta-version CADP 2002-o
2003-06-26 Released beta-version CADP 2002-n
2003-06-23 Released beta-version CADP 2002-m
2003-06-17 Released beta-version CADP 2002-l
2003-05-21 Released beta-version CADP 2002-k
2003-05-06 Released beta-version CADP 2002-j
2003-03-13 Released beta-version CADP 2002-i
2003-02-21 Released beta-version CADP 2002-h
2002-12-13 Released beta-version CADP 2002-g
2002-11-26 Released beta-version CADP 2002-f
2002-11-19 Released beta-version CADP 2002-e
2002-10-04 Released beta-version CADP 2002-d
2002-09-27 Released beta-version CADP 2002-c
2002-08-23 Released beta-version CADP 2002-b
2002-07-02 Released beta-version CADP 2002-a
2001-07-13 Released CADP 2001 "Ottawa"

CADP ("Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes", formerly known as "CAESAR/ALDEBARAN Development Package") is a popular toolbox for the design of asynchronous concurrent systems, such as communication protocols, distributed systems, asynchronous circuits, multiprocessor architectures, web services, etc.

Since January 2012, CADP is developed by the CONVECS team (formerly, by the VASY team). CADP is connected to various complementary tools. CADP is maintained, regularly improved, and used in many industrial projects.

CADP offers a wide set of functionalities, ranging from step-by-step simulation to massively parallel model-checking. It is the only toolbox to offer:

  • Compilers for several input formalisms, e.g.:

    • High-level descriptions written in various languages, such as LOTOS (ISO International Standard 8807), LNT, FSP, pi-calculus, etc. The CADP toolbox provides compilers (CAESAR, CAESAR.ADT, LNT2LOTOS, FSP2LOTOS, etc.) that translate high-level descriptions into C code to be used for simulation, verification, and testing purposes;

    • Low-level descriptions specified as automata (i.e., finite state machines) and networks of communicating automata that run in parallel, synchronize, and communicate using process algebra operators or synchronization vectors.

  • Several equivalence checking tools (BCG_MIN, BISIMULATOR, etc.) for minimizing and comparing systems modulo bisimulation relations.

  • Several model checkers (EVALUATOR, XTL, etc.) for the modal mu-calculus and various temporal logics;

  • Several verification algorithms combined together: enumerative verification, on-the-fly verification, symbolic verification using binary decision diagrams, compositional minimization, partial orders, distributed model checking, etc.

  • Plus a bunch of other tools with advanced functionalities such as visual checking, performance evaluation, etc.

CADP is designed in a modular way and puts the emphasis on intermediate formats and programming interfaces (such as the BCG and OPEN/CAESAR software environments), which allow the CADP tools to be combined with other tools and adapted to various specification languages.


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