CADP 2011: a toolbox for the construction and analysis of distributed processes

Hubert Garavel, Frédéric Lang, Radu Mateescu, and Wendelin Serwe

International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT), 15(2):89-107, April 2013

Abstract: CADP (Construction and Analysis of Distributed Processes) is a comprehensive software toolbox that implements the results of concurrency theory. Started in the mid-1980s, CADP has been continuously developed by adding new tools and enhancing existing ones. Today, CADP benefits from a worldwide user community, both in academia and industry. This paper presents the latest release, CADP 2011, which is the result of a considerable development effort spanning the last five years. The paper first describes the theoretical principles and the modular architecture of CADP, which has inspired several other recent model checkers. The paper then reviews the main features of CADP 2011, including compilers for various formal specification languages, equivalence checkers, model checkers, compositional verification tools, performance evaluation tools, and parallel verification tools running on clusters and grids. Finally, the paper surveys some significant case studies.

21 pages