Adaptation of Service Protocols using Process Algebra and On-the-Fly Reduction Techniques

Radu Mateescu, Pascal Poizat, and Gwen Salaün

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing ICSOC'2008 (Sydney, Australia), December 1-5, 2008


Software Adaptation is a hot topic in Software Engineering since it is the only way to compose non-intrusively black-box components or services with mismatching interfaces. However, adaptation is a complex issue especially when behavioral descriptions of services are considered. This paper presents optimised techniques to generate adaptor protocols, being given a set of service interfaces involved in a composition and an adaptation contract. In this work, interfaces are described using a signature, and a protocol that takes value passing into account. Our proposal is completely supported by tools that automate the generation and the verification of the adaptor protocols. Last, we show how our adaptation techniques are implemented into BPEL.

16 pages


Slides of P. Poizat's lecture at ICSOC'08