Efficient Diagnostic Generation for Boolean Equation Systems

Radu Mateescu

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems TACAS'2000 (Berlin, Germany), March 2000

Full version available as INRIA Research Report RR-3861.


Boolean Equation Systems (BESs) provide a useful framework for the verification of concurrent finite-state systems. In practice, it is desirable that a BES resolution also yields diagnostic information explaining, preferably in a concise way, the truth value computed for a given variable of the BES. Using a representation of BESs as extended boolean graphs (EBGs), we propose a characterization of full diagnostics (i.e., both examples and counterexamples) as a particular class of subgraphs of the EBG associated to a BES. We provide algorithms that compute examples and counterexamples in linear time and can be straightforwardly used to extend known (global or local) BES resolution algorithms with diagnostic generation facilities.

23 pages


Cumulated slides about EVALUATOR 3.0 by R. Mateescu