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lnt.open - OPEN/CAESAR connection for the LNT language


lnt.open [-depend] [-force] [-notraian] [-root root-process] [-silent | -verbose] [-version] [lotos_options] filename[.lnt] [cc_options] prog[.a|.c|.o] [prog_options]


Taking as input filename.lnt (which contains the principal module of a LNT specification) and an OPEN/CAESAR program prog[.a|.c|.o], lnt.open operates as follows:

However, if prog is the "-" string (instead of the name of an OPEN/CAESAR application program), lnt.open will execute only the first two steps (pre-processing and translation into a LOTOS specification) and then stop without invoking lotos.open . In such case, the files generated during the first two steps are not removed, thus allowing the generated LOTOS specification to be used for other purposes than OPEN/CAESAR (e.g., for rapid prototyping with EXEC/CAESAR).


List all the LNT files transitively included in filename.lnt and exit. Not a default option.

Overwrite output files, even if they were edited by the user or do not need to be updated. This option is passed to lpp , lnt2lotos , and lotos.open .

Do not invoke traian before invoking lpp and lnt2lotos , and do not pass option -traian to lnt2lotos . Not a default option.

-root process-instantiation
Use the process process-instantiation as the main process. It is an error if the LNT specification does not contain a corresponding process definition. This option is passed to lnt2lotos .

Execute silently. This option is passed to lpp , lnt2lotos , and lotos.open .

Report in detail activities and progress, including errors and messages emitted by auxiliary tools, to the user's screen. This option is passed to lpp , lnt2lotos , and lotos.open .

Display the version number of lnt2lotos and stop.

if any, are passed to lotos.open .

if any, are passed to the C compiler.

if any, are passed to prog.


LNT specification (input)

C code for data types (source, input)

C code for functions (source, input)

object code (output)

detailed error messages (output)

exploration module (archive, input)

exploration module (source, input)

exploration module (object code, input)

executable program (output)


temporary files

LNT predefined library (LOTOS code)

LNT predefined library (C code)

Exit Status

When the source is erroneous, error messages are issued. Exit status is 0 if everything is alright, 1 otherwise.


Hubert Garavel, Wendelin Serwe, and Gideon Smeding (INRIA Rhone-Alpes).

See Also

caesar , caesar.adt , lotos , lotos.open , lnt2lotos , lpp , and the "Reference Manual of the LNT to LOTOS Translator" available from http://cadp.inria.fr/publications/Champelovier-Clerc-Garavel-et-al-10.html

Additional information is available from the CADP Web page located at http://cadp.inria.fr

Directives for installation are given in files $CADP/INSTALLATION_*.

Recent changes and improvements to this software are reported and commented in file $CADP/HISTORY.


Please report any bug to cadp@inria.fr

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