PREDICTOR manual page
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predictor - predict the feasability of reachability analysis


bcg_open [bcg_opt] spec[.bcg] [cc_opt] predictor

or: [exp_opt] spec[.exp] [cc_opt] predictor

or: [fsp_opt] spec[.lts] [cc_opt] predictor

or: [lnt_opt] spec[.lnt] [cc_opt] predictor

or: [lotos_opt] spec[.lotos] [cc_opt] predictor

or: [seq_opt] spec[.seq] [cc_opt] predictor


This program gives some predictive estimations concerning the feasability of reachability analysis for the BCG graph, the composition expression spec.exp, the FSP program spec.lts, the LNT program spec.lnt, the LOTOS program spec.lotos, or the sequence file spec.seq. It displays: